A downloadable game for Windows

Alice gamejam = made for GDL - september jam. 

Alice 0.0.1 = more polished version

Alice 0.0.3 = full game

Music from  The kyoto collection.

Art by nostalgia tree: https://twitter.com/NostalgiaTree

Coding by me: https://twitter.com/Faxdocc

Use wasd+space+mouse to play. Have fun :)


alice 0.0.3 release.zip 18 MB
alice 0.0.1.zip 18 MB
alice gamejam.zip 18 MB

Development log


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It was.  Thanks again, faxdoc

This game should be fun.  So far, all of faxdoc's games are fun.  Playing it.


Nice work with this jam entry. The ending was quite abrupt though. :)


Thanks. We didn't have time for a proper ending, so we had to make due with glitchy stuff.