Major update + polish

Hi everyone, after a lot of hard work we're happy to announce a large update. While the game hasn't changed much in length,  we focused on making what was already here better and more varied. Here are some of the more important changes we've made.

-New features

  • Trinkets - There are now trinkets hidden in the world, which you can equip to gain special advantages and abilities.
  • Bosses - You'll now encounter bosses going through the game, which offer up some though challenges. 
  • New difficulty - beating the game on hard unlocks an extra difficulty,  which significantly buffs enemies and bosses.
  • Controller support - The game is now fully functional with the controller. 


  • stages have been tweaked or reworked to be more intuitive and less awkward.
  • Cleaver has been nerfed.
  • player runs faster.  Run speed is always the same.
  • a lot less invisibility from getting hit.
  • The small enemy actually does an attack instead of just walking into you.
  • many other small tweaks that will hopefully make the game feel more fair and balanced. 


  • Sounds far away are fainter. So you'll no longer hear the sounds of enemies walking on the other side of the map.
  • The visual effect when hitting enemies is no longer completely broken.
  • Prettier death screen.
  • The starting area is now more visually interesting.
  • The player has animations when charging up a throw, so they won't just glide around.
  • A bunch of smaller changes you probably wont notice but will feel  on some level.

So If you want to try the game, now is a better time than ever. If you've played it before, you can try going through on the extra difficulty for a real challenge. 

Pressing down the keys "L" and "O" at the same time during intro credits should unlock the new difficulty right away, if you don't want to play trough the game first.

Thanks to anyone who read this, hope you have a nice day.



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Nov 24, 2019

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