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hello, good morning, afternoon or evening, I have a problem with the game, because when I go to the folder and go to the game, I get an error and I get a code and it doesn't let me play

Are you using mac or windows?

Windows, does it not work?

I can't play it >:(

Are you using windows or mac?


I love the art! And the mechanics as well!

the game is amazing but my cat stuck in the corner :(

I tried everything playing with ball, mouse nothing helped.

How can I fix it?

I will send screenshot "I am talking about the cat with blue eye".

thanks in advance and sorry for bothering


me love!


Just started playing and i already love it so much


I  already finished buying every cat possible super adorable! I love playing the mini-games! :) I hope more comes in the future!!




after a while the hearts / pick up / hover over buy /  hover out cat info panel
being the same button gets to be too much.... maybe make right click also pick up hearts??


haha i used to play that scary-innocent-looking dog tycoon game back then and it traumatize me from playing innocent games

i was feeling very suspicious and careful for the first 5 minute until i come back to read the replies and see that there's nothing to worry about

great game!

gave me some much needed cheering up after a rough day of work. thank you for this cute game.

So cute.

They are so cute and the game is beautiful. :)

Super cute game!! I love it. <3 <3 

i love it,but it dosent let me go onto full screem.


I HVE A MAc wh dont yo make i for mac

I really love cute cat games, thank you so much for it.

if you get the mouse toy and get put it one side of the wall at the bottom  then activate the game and go to the other side the cat will glitch out and you can get basically infinite money



Cool trick, nice find.

I played your cute game here. Enjoyed :)

Super cute and cant wait to see if you do anything more than this! Love the art style :) 

what is this


Sketch of the room used as a placeholder before the art was finished.

i thought this

Show post...

Sweet and fun to play

really nice game <3

I broke the kitties.

It's a cute game and I enjoyed it. Reminds me a bit of the chaos i deal with taking care of my two cats, two rats and gecko. Great game.

This game is so cute and it's quite funny when there is no space and the furniture goes boing boing boing.

It's a super cute game and I love it but there doesn't seem to be a way to exit the game?

Ohno, you're right. Guess you'll have to alt-tab for now.

Alright, thanks :)

Deleted 289 days ago

Wow it's incredible how much game you got into this submission. This is an excellent game.

Very impressive work guys!


things when they don't find enough space for them:

i'll actully try to download it again:)


maybe wait until tomorrow, I think we'll be able to upload the update then.


ty youso much:)

No problem :)


i love the game im even trying to play right now and you read it right TRYING beacuse it dosent want to go on fullscreen

Fullscreen doesn't work for some people for some reason. we have an update ready, but aren't allowed to upload it yet. Guess you'll have to wait until the update.


I had a lot fun playing this, it's really relaxing to play. Well done!

Port this to linux please


Had a good 30-minutes playing this game. Happy to know there's a save function to come! 😊😊😊


Really cute and cozy game. Love it.

kindda remind me of time when i played catz on my desktop years ago😊awesomee

Thank you :D

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