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Become a fox and work together with your pack to hunt down a variety of different animals in the overgrown ruins of an ancient civilization.

Unlock new skills and watch the seasons change around you in this game by faxdoc and nostalgiatree


  • wasd: move
  • shift: run
  • space: attack
  • Left click: command foxes


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

rev 1.2.0.zip 8 MB

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Rev demo 6 MB

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man I loved this game, my cousin bought it for me to get premium on steam, but I really enjoyed playing it, this game is beautiful and has a gameplay with a style that I love to go through stages and leveling perks, thanks for making this game <3

how do you play the multiplayer?  

Hello there! I pretty liked your game, but it's difficult to me to play on keyboard. So please, can you add controller settings?


I think there already is.

I have no paypal, is there any other way I can pay you for the game?

We're trying to get the game on steam, until then idk. If you're norwegian you could vipps me the 4 bucks and I can dm you the zip-file on twitter or something.

What features does the paid version has that the demo version doesn't?

It's way longer, got more content, more polished and also timeattack + multiplayer.

Aw, wasn't this game free? I guess not anymore :c, and believe me, if I could I would pay 4 dollars for this beautiful masterpiece. For those who own 4 dollars and liked the design from the images, the gameplay is as good!

You can still play the demo for free, it's only the full version that costs money.

What hitlag in setting do?

It changes how long time the hitlag effect lasts. Every time you attack an animal or get hit the game freezes for a short moment, which is hitlag. It makes the game feel better, but some people don't like it, so I added an option for it.


Does your font not have an å, or are those spelling mistakes in the Nrowegian translation I see? Also, are you looking for help with additional translations?


Somehow the very essence of the fox has been captured in but a handful of pixels. Magic Really.


Your kidding right? I played this game for free once and I showed it to all of my friends, and they laughed at me for the graphics, while I still liked the game, I would have not paid for it.
Why? well the gameplay is unique, or at least I think, but was not the best idea for the basic mechanic out there, and maybe it would still be worth it if the graphics were a bit better, the envirement is okay but the foxes???

What HAPPENED to those foxes, the foxes are just too underdetailed for a game worth 4 dollars, okay its just 4 dollars but please there are a lot of free to play games that are a lot better than this.

This indie game is good but most games like this are free and thats not good.

So to end this post I would reccomend the price to be reduced (So there is a bit of income coming) to around a dollar, and the graphics of every animal to be more detailed


That's the wonderful thing about indie games as they are as subjective to the player as a painting is to a viewer. For me, the fox animation is my favourite part of the game.


How much do you pay for a coffee? You know things like this take time and effort to create right? Boooo people trying to get paid for their work - just because "most games like this" are free doesn't mean they should be.


Looks beautiful... will there be mac/osx build anytime soon?

Hey, would you mind sharing what engine you used to make this game?

it's lovely by the way =]

Thank you! It's GameMaker Studio 2

thank you for responding! =]

I thought it was quite a pleasent game

jogo do diggo ksks


This is a great game!

I love it!

wish it is on mac


Found this demo surprisingly enjoyable!! Will definitely be keeping my eye on the development!!


A arte do jogo está maravilhosa, super agradável e a iluminação + sonoplástia deixou o jogo muito imersivo. A única coisa confusa foi a mecânica de caça, não deu muito bem para entender o que deve ser caçado e nem como fazer isso, talvez um tutorial mais elaborado seja uma solução. Tirando isso o jogo está maravilhoso. 

nice pallete  , whats it called

(1 edit)

It's beautiful dudes. love the artwork and the animation of the foxes especially.

Only thing that doesn't really work for me is the footprints because they don't show a direction of travel (as real footprints do) so they're not much use... and they seemed to be on every path - do they fade with time? But the tracking idea there is really cool and could be very absorbing if tweaked.

...Oh, and there's spelling mistakes in the tutorial - see comment from Daxterapid below.

I love this game. Pixel style art is so cool and fascinating. At first, controlling more than two foxes were confusing but anyway I became possible to handle it. Good job! :D

Haven't played it yet but definitely getting Hyper Light Drifter vibes from the gifs and images


"make sure not to stand to close" should be "make sure not to stand too close". Just kinda bugged me, but great and simple game anyway!

(1 edit)

... 'Don't stand too close' would be better. :-D

And again: 'Left click a fox to select it' - not - '...too select it'.

'Too' is used to show an excess: too close, too far, too big, too little etc.

Two men came to meet me, I left because they took too long.

...Only saying because your games too beautiful to be brought down by spelling mistakes.

Thank you so much for the heads up, we'll correct the typos and make sure to avoid spelling mistakes in the future.

This game looks good, but its very small, good job

(no actually, good job)

so... release for linux?



you made a nice game...


Hello, developer faxdoc

this game really nice and funny, and I'm looking forward its update.

Also, I wanna to give a suggestion about translation: Such as to give an Open translation platform to build the translation. In this way, we could publicize your game widely.

I'm also glad to be one of the translator in Chinese. This would be a fresh game in China? :D

(Sorry, my English is not so well.)


your english inst this bad, i had no trouble understanding what you said


graphics = 10/10

good mechanics 

new and creative idea = 1000/10 good job ,really what makes this game super is the new mechanic : hunting, and also the responsiveness of the world (i talk about the beautifull water circles)

+ i loved the updrade section

but i had some difficulties when attacking (some time i want the player to attack the prey and i forget to aim with mouse thus i miss that prey ) 

---> so i have a suggesting : while attacking make the aiming automatic  

I really appreciate the amount of effort and hard work u put in this game 


looks outstanding! Wish this would be available on Mac as well...


Add more animals and more biomes


and days lol cuz its short lol

*-*Helllo, the game is one the best games that i've ever played,but would be super nice add a story mode *-*

*-*grafics 10/10*-*

*-*Controls*-*; 9/10 i have played with Xbox controller the controlls very polished but in XBox controller you can't use charged attacs but is a nice detail that you can play with Xbox controller


Have good luck with this beautiful game it has a great potencial.


you ARE playing the "story mode"... its just storyless

yes, i know but a bit of story 

I loved the game, at the end you feel like really going for a hunt, congratulations, such an easy gameplay but so much fun... the only things I would change is the learning curve (wich mean is hard at the begginig), and maybe a little more controls with the other foxes, so that you could make more strategic attacks... but the art, gameplay, core mechanics, all is there!! congratulations again!

Smooth graphics, and good gameplay but just needs more content and story. 

Btw, I don't know why but art designs look like Hyper light drifter for me lol.. Anyway nice game! 

The worthiest  6MB of my whole life ..


other games needs 4GB to be cool while this little hunting game is fine with less than 10mb

Amazing game!

The only thing this game needs is more content 10/10


Thank you. we're working a larger version of the game now.

Very nice work 5/5

Thank you!






Amazing world. Great upgrades. 5/5

Thanks :)

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