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"make sure not to stand to close" should be "make sure not to stand too close". Just kinda bugged me, but great and simple game anyway!

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... 'Don't stand too close' would be better. :-D

And again: 'Left click a fox to select it' - not - '...too select it'.

'Too' is used to show an excess: too close, too far, too big, too little etc.

Two men came to meet me, I left because they took too long.

...Only saying because your games too beautiful to be brought down by spelling mistakes.

Thank you so much for the heads up, we'll correct the typos and make sure to avoid spelling mistakes in the future.


This game looks good, but its very small, good job

(no actually, good job)

so... release for linux?



you made a nice game...


Hello, developer faxdoc

this game really nice and funny, and I'm looking forward its update.

Also, I wanna to give a suggestion about translation: Such as to give an Open translation platform to build the translation. In this way, we could publicize your game widely.

I'm also glad to be one of the translator in Chinese. This would be a fresh game in China? :D

(Sorry, my English is not so well.)


your english inst this bad, i had no trouble understanding what you said


graphics = 10/10

good mechanics 

new and creative idea = 1000/10 good job ,really what makes this game super is the new mechanic : hunting, and also the responsiveness of the world (i talk about the beautifull water circles)

+ i loved the updrade section

but i had some difficulties when attacking (some time i want the player to attack the prey and i forget to aim with mouse thus i miss that prey ) 

---> so i have a suggesting : while attacking make the aiming automatic  

I really appreciate the amount of effort and hard work u put in this game 


looks outstanding! Wish this would be available on Mac as well...


Add more animals and more biomes


and days lol cuz its short lol

*-*Helllo, the game is one the best games that i've ever played,but would be super nice add a story mode *-*

*-*grafics 10/10*-*

*-*Controls*-*; 9/10 i have played with Xbox controller the controlls very polished but in XBox controller you can't use charged attacs but is a nice detail that you can play with Xbox controller


Have good luck with this beautiful game it has a great potencial.


you ARE playing the "story mode"... its just storyless

yes, i know but a bit of story 

I loved the game, at the end you feel like really going for a hunt, congratulations, such an easy gameplay but so much fun... the only things I would change is the learning curve (wich mean is hard at the begginig), and maybe a little more controls with the other foxes, so that you could make more strategic attacks... but the art, gameplay, core mechanics, all is there!! congratulations again!

Smooth graphics, and good gameplay but just needs more content and story. 

Btw, I don't know why but art designs look like Hyper light drifter for me lol.. Anyway nice game! 

The worthiest  6MB of my whole life ..


other games needs 4GB to be cool while this little hunting game is fine with less than 10mb

Amazing game!

The only thing this game needs is more content 10/10


Thank you. we're working a larger version of the game now.

Very nice work 5/5

Thank you!






Amazing world. Great upgrades. 5/5

Thanks :)


Perfect game.


Looks beautiful!
However, I think it could be nice to make cursor movement a little bit smoother. Now it jiggles like it moves a pixel at a time. It is noticeable in fullscreen.
Anyway, it's nice.

noticed that one too, but... it isnt really distracting


How to fullscreen?

go to settings or f3


the grafics are awesome, I love it. 

The gameplay is a little slow but it's works

well yes sometimes its just slow... ;-;

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The graphics are so beautiful. I really liked how the whole screen shakes when you reset the game.                                                                           Is there a reason why only the alpha can hold the dead prey? It would be helpful if the other foxes could hold it while the alpha hunts for more.                    


Thanks. The other foxes can also pick up corpses, right click the dead animals while you have the foxes selected. It would probably be more intuitive if it was left-click, sorry about that.


Thank you very much.


You should include it in the "tutorial" in the beginning of the day

Yeah we will probably make it a tutorial at the start of day 4 or something.

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Nice and beautiful game. Not easy and not hard, it's pleasure to play such games.
Why don't you add to Steam?


We might add a larger version of the game to steam if we finish it.

Hello, so what about adding this kawaii game to steam? Are you planning this?

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It's hard to pass Day 6; this animal runs too fast!!!

xD it was ez for me, you sure youre hunting the animal 'correctly'?

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yeah, but l'm losing time by trying to kill it.


you can always lure it into a wall and YEET it to death, i was once lucky enought to YEET  it to death when it was in a room with one way out yet wasnt able to reach the way out

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What is 1.0.7. about???

The only major difference between 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 is performance.

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Beautiful, beautiful game. Amazing art. The lack of soundtrack is appreciated. A little too short, but still amazing. Thank you for developing it!

i sometimes turn music voliume to 0 and listen to a song lol but in this game soundtrack would just distract you


The game looks really cool.  The environment art reminds me a lot of Hyper Light Drifter.  Looking forward to checking it out!


This game was quite cute and well executed, still have to say that I might have done some things wrong. While I have no idea what I did wrong.
 If your interested. Check my video.


You recorded it very well.

I like it ! : )

My thanks.


[BUG] The water behaves as if I walked over it, even above the bridge 

lol this is the most common bug in this game. even more common than foxes getting stuck (before patch)


Just finished playing.  This game's fantastic.  Gorgeous art.  Great sound effects.  Fun gameplay.  Highly recommended.

a really fun and beutiful game, i really enjoyed it! I would love to see more :)


This game looks fun.  I'll try this soon.


Really interesting concept of the game. Graphics are just gorgeous. Really good work!

I really love games like pikmin or simanimals and this game is like a mix of both. Great job, if you wanna i can helpyou translating the game to spanish.

That sound great. Where can i get in contact with you?

idk, im new here. 

Thanks, mail sent.

this is a simple game. just about hunting animals, nothing special. its just a beautiful pixel art game about foxes and hunting and its perfect for speedrunnes and everyone likes speedrunners and i like speedrunners and this game is just great.

sorry for the video quality!

question:there are more levels than six?


You should absolutely be selling this game. I feel like I'm stealing from you!


make a version for android an ios, mobile version please!!!!!!

i saw them reply to some comment that the game requires too many buttons (up down left right attack run switch leader etc)



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