Challenges and skins

Having just released the game on steam we decided to give it an update with new features. The two major ones being skins and challenges.

The game now contains optional challenges to complete. These range from beating the game to getting certain scores in other gamemodes and doing specific tasks. Hopefully this adds a bit of gameplay and challenge for both casual and dedicated players. There are even some extra tricky like beating the game with only 2 foxes, or finishing the story in under 45 minutes. If you manage to beat the challenges you'll also be rewarded with a skin or a hat. This can be used to customize your fox to your own personal liking. 

There are also some balance changes and polish. The most important ones are:

  • Polished art
  • Fixed visual issues
  • Foxes now use path finding to get meat
  • big animals now give extra points in freeplay
  • Nerfed longjump and it's upgrades
  • Nerfed night vision in freeplay
  • reduced number of upgrades in some freeplay stages


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Oct 06, 2020

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Nice update, I won this game today and I loved it, and now skins and challenges, I think I'm going to be hooked, just kidding, but this is amazing adding challenges and skins I can't wait to change the color of my little foxes