Hotfix #1


  1.  Added rebinding for shoot + hook 
  2. Tutorial text changes based on controller type 
  3.  Fixed some game-pad inputs not working on menus 

Map Changes 

  1.  Blocked off tutorial area after beating first boss 

Boss Changes 

  1. Bosses now have a bit more HP 
  2.  Ameli Witch boss is now a bit more aggressive 

Crash Fixes 

  1. Fixed crash while leaving rooms 

Graphic Changes 

  1. Changed some art in the Factory Roof area
  2.  Added art for trinkets 


  1. Fixed music code bug at game start 

UI Changes 

  1. Fixed some menu bugs 
  2. Polished menus


Rusted Moss demo 33 MB
Feb 06, 2022

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Very responsive with the patch, keep up the good work :)