Hotfix #3

Balance changes:

  • Rail single shoot cooldown increased(3 > 10)
  • Rail fully charged cooldown decreased(90 > 70)
  • Pistol fully charged cooldown increased(30 > 40)

Player fixes:

  • Fixed ledge double grab bug
  • Fixed  grappled player not being able to fall through platforms
  • Fixed player jump cancel not resetting on ledge
  • Shoot gun release delay removed

Visual changes:

  • Trinket visual effects updated
  • Tutorial shortcut map icon change
  • Background animation added
  • Rain area background polish

Menu changes:

  • Pause menu input polished
  • Death screen can now use mouse input


  • Off-screen player indicator added
  • Fixed game time resetting on death


Rusted Moss demo 33 MB
Feb 09, 2022

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