Rusted Moss Devlog #1 - Upcoming things

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give some updates on what we are currently working on as well as Rusted Moss’ roadmap.


  • Our release is going to be pushed back to Q1 of 2023. 
  • Honestly, we want to avoid releasing the game in December during the winter sale where we’d have to compete with other titles.

The Demo

We are removing our demo off of Steam around May 9th. We plan on uploading an updated one (we will update the demo on itch too) around June. 

What the updated demo will include:

  • A timed challenge course that we premiered at PAX East. Great if you’re a fan of the grapple hook mechanic and want to push yourself.
  • An additional boss fight that is unlocked by finishing the challenge course.
  • Localisation for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish.

Level Editor

  • We have tentative plans for a level editor coming out a few months after the June demo update.
  • The level editor will be pretty basic and built specifically for creating timed challenge courses.


  • We have tentative plans for a Discord to be out around the same time as when our demo update drops.


  • Signups for our Newsletter will open next week. 
  • Behind-the-scenes details, keep up to date with our development!
  • We plan on giving away digital things like discord emotes and wallpapers as well as showing some concept art.
  • Will also have a QnA section with a form you can submit questions to and we’ll pick some to answer in the subsequent newsletter. Feel free to ask questions on behind the scenes stuff and development in general!

Get Rusted Moss Demo


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Hey that's good news ^^

Is the Newsletter open ? (I don't know where to find it haha)

Hey! You can sign up for it here:

can't wait!!

super exciting!