Audio Bug, Localisation, demo save file compatibility, Discord, and more updates


We have had a major audio bug since our last update in July. This impacts the music. Music in the first area is missing and the music during the Maya boss fight is missing as well. There might be more areas impacted.

Currently, we think we have fixed the bug but are unable to push up the changes just yet. We are bundling this fix alongside our major August update that will include the level editor.


We are also aware that some of the languages localised in the demo has quality issues.

The final release of the game will have professional localisation done. Most of the dialogue in the demo will get reviewed as well so there might be changes here and there too.


The major update coming in August will be erasing current demo save files. We plan for this to be the last time this happens. Rusted Moss was never meant to be such a full game and was meant to be a shorter experience (basically the initial scope was the current demo's length plus a little bit more). Because of this, we have some growing pains. This major update coming in August will allow us to add in more rooms in the final version (we are up to 600 rooms right now!)

We hope to keep demo save files compatible with the final release so that you'll be able to pick up and play the final release without having to replay the demo areas.

That being said, there might be dialogue changes + NPCs added in the final release that will appear in the demo areas. We hope to keep the demo as up to date as possible but these additional dialogue might only get added to the demo closer to release date anyway. So if you're worried about missing any of it, I'd say to replay the full release or play the demo closer to release. I think I'll make another announcement for when the demo has finalised dialogue. Open to hear people's feedback on it because we could also just hard reset save files again once the demo is "finalised".



We recently wrapped up a speedrunning contest of the Seer's area where we gave away enamel pins I am unsure if we'll be able to run another contest like this so soon.

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We have a more generic feedback form here.

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