Rusted Moss final release

Hey everyone!

Some of you might have heard that Rusted Moss was released on Steam on April 12th.

We are also planning on putting it up on itch (We are currently fixing bugs that have been found and will upload a build that contains these patches). We haven't decided whether to use this same page or a separate one (as we've seen some games have separate demo pages, would be happy to hear people's thoughts).

In any case, thank you all for the support. We hope the final delivery lives up to the expectations the demo has set :D 

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any idea when bug fixes will be done?

We released a pretty big patch for most of the major bugs but there's still some minor ones + changes that are coming. We think we are going to be on standby for about 2 weeks while we get another patch together.

And for itch, we are discussing putting a build together for it. There's some steam stuff we'd like to pull out of the itch build so wasn't as straightforward as we'd like as the level editor is also tied up with steam workshop for sharing levels. (might need to have the level editor function more like the demo's editor...) 

First time we've had such a big game so dealing with version control is a bit new and we should have been working off different branches a bit more haha :')  


same page for sure, for easier demo access

so we got further from the demo made in like years ago? :O