Accessibility Update

We always wanted Rusted Moss to have flexible accessibility settings. The initial release did have an accessibility menu inspired by Celeste with ways for a player to customise their experience rather than the typical "easy", "medium", "hard" options. However, player feedback coming in pointed out that our "invincibility" option is very drastic without much in-between. Using that feedback as a starting point, we put together a list of changes meant to give players more ways to adjust their game experience.

This update expands the accessibility options to make them more than just allowing a player to finish the game. A player might be able to defeat a boss with "invincibility" on or complete a challenge course with "flying". However, there's still a lot of room to give the player the option to adjust the game to their liking. It isn't just about being able to finish the game; it is also about being challenged.

Our default difficulty is based on how we personally like to play the game as well. I don't think it is possible to have a "one size fit all" solution for every single player so we also added the ability to increase as well as decrease certain stats. We just wanted to be more flexible.

I don't think it is perfect and ideally it would have been nice to give more flexible grappling hook settings too. However, we didn't expect Rusted Moss to become such a big game and it was coded as though it were a two month long project. Some foundational code makes some of these settings impossible to implement without reworking the whole system.

Check out the Rusted Moss Accessibility Trailer:

We also have some QoL stuff bundled in this update!

Accessibility Updates

  • Option to disable challenge course timer
  • Players can now increase and decrease base starting health/mana
  • Added health/mana regeneration option
  • Players can adjust boss base health percentage
  • Players can adjust enemy base health percentage
  • Ability to turn off death pit damage

Quality of Life

  • Mana stones now heal player fully on use
  • Added journal to keep track of lore found
  • UI also has a way to look at trinkets when not at a save point
  • Can view current upgrades a player has on the UI
  • Added ability to rebind the grapple and shoot button


Bug Fix

  • Disabling screenshake now also removes camera movement caused by gun recoil

Just wanted to also give a special shoutout to Riuku who helped us put this update together! Wouldn't have been possible without him.

You can check out his website HERE to see his game dev stuff.


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