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is bottomless trash (my opinion)

sorry if it hurts your feelings

Deleted 142 days ago

Hello, I work on a small podcast where I like to interview indie dev's and their projects, would you like to do an episode? My contact info is on profile and link to my channel.



gud game but i keep getting cornered and for the jump ability i dont know where i land meaning that i could accidentaly hit a bullet falling down i think you guys must make the air time of the jump longer cuz i mostly use block with sword that depletes my energy

pretty fun game but i think it could be improve

the energy bar is really not stand out from most thing so it's really hard to tell if you have enough energy to use special move

i think it should be bigger and have some bright effect when close to 0 energy

and personally i think there should be some indication of where you will land when holding jump

unless you want that to be part of the skill you want player to learn i think it would be really nice


Hello, I just tried this game. I think this game is very good, but there are also some areas that need to be improved. For example, when I indulge in attacking the enemy, I can't distinguish the enemy from me. I think you can highlight the characters controlled by the player. If there are too many objects on the picture, I will become dazzled. And, I think you may need to expand the scope of the character's maneuverable actions, because otherwise, the barrage launched by the enemy is difficult to dodge, and I can only run to the corner to avoid these bullets.

Hope this game will become better!

By the way, my highest score in ordinary difficulty is 1700. This game may be difficult for me.


If you're having a hard time telling what's going on, you can turn down/off screenshake/hitlag/chromatic aberration in the settings. For dodging the enemies, you can jump over their bullets or right click to destroy them if you have meter.

Try right clicking to attack enemy attacks.  It works well.  Dodging is not necessary, at least on normal, except for lasers but there are never too many at once.

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did a no hit on normal after 212 attempts lol. maybe hard mode next or is that too much..?


Wow that's amazing, good job. Hard mode would be impressive, and there's also leaderboards on the gxc version if you wanna go for highscores. 



amazing, it just has so much style and the controls feel great. The unlocks and the end of the stage add a whole layer of complexity

I really like it


good but too hard

u can download it if u dont need ur pc anymore, CAUSE U WILL SMASH IT 

I think so.

Really good but, it's way too hard. I mean, I enjoy a good challenge but not when Level 1 is so insanely difficult...

Wait how did I miss this?? I remember your prototype from the bundle it was super cool then and it's super cool now!! Nice work!!

does this work on Mac?

i can't figure out how to counter exactly so i'm struggling with getting those curses/blessings.. does anyone know how that system works?


Hitting an enemy during or right after it has attacked triggers a counter.

thank you! also how do you trigger where it says "hyper mode" that ends when you get hit?


When the special meter that builds from hitting enemies is fully filled.

I really like it

Very fun game. Great work! 

someone who installed it can confirm that is not a virus?



You're good to go

This was really dope Faxdoc! The game was really engaging, plus the music choice is banging.

I really like it! it's really clean, but sometimes there is a big lag spike.

Really cool tho! I'd like to see it in the future :)

not going full screen, i have a high res small screen so it takes up like 2 inches how do i get it bigger

Does pressing f3 work?


I share with you my playthrough of SOPPEL for Itch.

Sorry for taking too long to upload.

I wish your success in your indie game journey.

The game has a fantastic gameplay which merges keyboard and mouse gameplay at its finest. Unfortunately it took me hours to beat it and I am now making a video for DaniEmpire Personal Computer where I post my PC playthroughs which doesn't have to do with either Steam or Epic Games. The game is one of the best indies I had played on Itch. Congratulations for your hard work. May Soppel 2 come with a man protagonist and guns.


Thats a very good game!!!

but it works on chromebook???


it's a virus or i can play it? (i am using my mom's pc)

use this
you can see if it´s a virus with that page
srry if my english is bad, i am practice in it

i understand you. i am ita


i understand you. i am ita


Looks amazing and feels great to play!


This game is incredible. This is not just some casual indie game that I'll delete after playing it. I'm determined to complete it and try my hand at a speedrun.


Portuguese | Brazil

Muito legal o jogo, bastante divertido, a mecânica é muito boa, se continuar assim pode se tornar um jogo muito conhecido, até divulguei pros meus amigos e eles amaram o projeto! 

English | USA

The game is very cool, very fun the mechanics are very good if it continues like this it can become a very popular game, I even shared it with my friends and they loved the project!

uhhh why i cant download it?


No idea I can download it just fine.

The game is AMAZING! But.. When I'm on the second stage boss fight on the second phase, the game freezes.

I thought I would go into task manager to see if anything has changed, the game's name changes to "i win" and then an error message in the game shows up.

"Stack Overflow..."


and then the game stops responding and closes.

Is there a fix for this?


It's probably the lasers somehow, they're buggy. I'll look into it. Also "I win" is supposed to be the games description, not sure why that happened.

no boss damage from first one i was using xbox controller it some what lacks movement plus hit box on the robots is some what does not hit well depending if your on the left side nerveless its well done demo   it reminded me of a 2020 call


I didn't know you could use controller on this, haha. Good job getting this far without being able to aim your swings.

thanks am a gamer from atari days am not well whit keyboard mouse for gaming you can sometimes map the keys whit program for pc it did not require it so yeah hope see a updated in the months to come  

Awesome and amazing game!

Thanks, it was fun seeing your gameplay.

There is an error at the last stage, can't progress any further because of it. Good game, though.

Thank you so much. Does this error occur every time, or just sometimes randomly?

It's random, and the error message are always the same.

So sorry about that. It's fixed in the current hotfix.

nouveau jeu oO

loved it. specially the soundtrack

the only thing its that each tyme I get to the last level after the abyss my game crashes?

Wait the abyss is the stage with "the beast" as the boss right? The game is supposed to end there, there isn't another level after it. How did you manage to get even further down?

oh sorry.. I might have confused the names. maybe if I just use numbers. after the forth level there is two extra ones with the curse equipped. but when I get to the sixth one when some enemies tries to use the lasers my game crashes. actually tried to check again and the game crashed in the fifth level too ( the pink one ) so I gues its something about the laser and not the level

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Uh ? No way ! You posted a new game while I was browsing your page ? xD

Let's try it right away !!

EDIT: highscore 15640 and I just realize SPACE can go through bullets haha

I love it !!

Thank you :), glad you liked it.

It will help me wait for Rusted Moss haha ^w^

I have such high hopes for this one !

Thank you, Rusted Moss development is going well.

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