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It was strange, scary and wonderful game!

You said that this game is a prototype, but is it safe to say that it's finished?

Is it safe to say that it is finished, or will there be more updates?

what engine did you use ?


Thanks !

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Kudos for mentally scarring me with the creepy crawlies hahah

Seriously though, well done!


When I open the game, the window is extremly small. Is there an option to make the game full screen?

f2 or f3 i think.

Thanks for replying, I tried those keys, yet it's not working...

It worked fine for me, so I'm confused. I'll look into it.

If you were playing on a laptop, you may have been required to hold down the “Fn”-key while using the Fx-keys.

alt + enter or f11

f3 or f4 if I remember correctly.



Thanks, but F11 doesn't work. I think the developer should put a toggle full screen Option in the game menu.

There is, you can choose between 1x, 2x, 3x and fullscreen.

oh thanks.  It's just the default window is so small that I never see the icon on the bottom left window in the first place. Now it works fine.

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It is really good. Cant wait for you to complete it!

This is looking sick ! Good job !

Made me remember of Radio the Universe, the game is really gorgeous. i wasnt able to finish it tho :P

Oh wow such a cool creepy game! I'm proud of myself that I managed to finish in 3rd attempt because if I haven't I don't think I'd have the guts to try it again.

Tho, I almost though that there was no fullscreen option at start. I expected it to be in f4 (cuz undertale), but it was in f3. Maybe you should write it in the title screen too. I know there is also settings in the title screen but it is hard to notice it when the window is so small.


This has inspired me so so much, I kind of want my current project to be something similar to this. Do you have any tips on nailing the TWWWR/Subugs style?


Like art-style or gameplay?


Both! The gameplay more specifically, but I'm always interested in art as well ^^

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That's such a wide and complex topic, So unfortunately I can't give a detailed explanation about it all in 1 reply. 

For gameplay I find experimenting a lot to be very helpful, especially with the basic variables(enemy hp, run speed, bullet size, bullet speed, frame data, fire rate and so on ). Making the game fun on a basic level(like just running around and attacking enemies) is super important. The camera should also be carefully considered, like it's speed, zoom level and behavior.

In twwwr I spent a lot time just iterating on the most basic elements, with the game just having a player and 1 enemy. Instead of giving the player a complex moveset I only gave them one attack and made sure it was as fun as possible. After that the design was mostly coming up with bullet-hell patterns.

Game feel is also a big deal, and I learned a lot about it from here and here, as well as just looking at other games.

Hope this helps.

Sorry if this is way to long lol.

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Also fun fact: twwwr originally played more like resident evil, with it taking a long time to start/stop aiming, and you had to move the aim-cursor with your arrow keys.


That wasn't too long at all! Thank you so much fax! It's ironic that I was thinking about trying to mix those styles lol resident evil and silent hill are some of my biggest inspirations as far as horror goes and ofc that's the genre that i want to work in lmao. Thanks a bunch that really helped ^^!

Muy buen juego estaria bueno que se haga un juego completo con historia y todo :). Este juego da para mucho mas


Greeat game my heart almost stopped though


This really reminds me of rain world. Good job!


Thank you. I've gotten that a lot, which is nice since it's such a great game.


What a creepy little game, very nice

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Thanks :)


Hi. Leave my little gameplay.
I liked the atmosphere of the game and the bad vibes that the enemies give


Thank you :D


Hey Dev!

I Included your game on this week's Indie Game Playlist! It Premiers soon, Hope to see you there!


Had fun playing this. Short but amazing 10/10 

That's really nice of you, thanks.


good vid 👍


You game is so good. I like it

Thanks :)


Wow this was a great game. I really liked it

Thank you so much, great to hear.


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is quite good.

-The visual style is really eyecatching.

-There are some walls that don't have collision detection and you can die.

-The gameplay mechanics are easy to understand and the monsters on the game have a lot of personality.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



The atmosphere was very nice.


Hi. We want to publish your game on the Switch, send an email to contact (a)


Awesome, put you up on the homepage.

That Is seriously so nice of you. Thanks a bunch.

Good game. Creepy and atmospheric. Attacking doesn't seems  to do much, though. Overall this is pretty good.

Thank you. You can only hit them in the head, since I couldn't figure out an easy way to check collision on their bodies.

Great atmosphere. Good visuals. 

Thanks :)

Lovely stuff. Really getting into it. Very challenging getting those daddy long legs.

Thank you. Yeah they can be really tricky, should maybe have nerfed them a bit.


I always look forward to seeing what new projects you drop. You're such an inspiration to me. Keep doing what you do!


That's lovely to hear. Good luck on your own projects!