A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Mini-jam-45 by me and Nostalgiatree. Song is Lullaby for William by Dr. Rockit. hope you enjoy it.


  • arrow keys = move player
  • Z = call out
  • X = grab box
  • Hold R to restart stage

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Aseprite, Bfxr
TagsCasual, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Tiny travelers.zip 3 MB


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Nice little game!

jogo bom mais, podia ter um botão de dica seila, pq eu to na 3 fase e n sei como passar

the game is pretty cool, but instead of moving with the arrows it could be for W A S D :). ( I live in Brazil, my English is not very good :( )

me live in Brazill TO! <3

i love this game but sadly after playing the first few levels i instantly found glitches that made me win levels on accident :( if those glitches could be fixed that would make this so much better. At first i thought it would be local multiplayer co-op . that would be an awesome addition!

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Thanks. what are the glitches?

i was able to push large rectangular stones on other rectangular stones making a staircase that i don't think was suppose to be there


That's pretty weird. nice find.

Yep.  It is.

This looks to be another fantastic game from faxdoc.  I'm playing it.

Please make for mac (i know it's not easy, unity keeps discarding when i try to install exporting for windows).

we're working on it. Also this is made in  gamemaker. 


This has been lovely, with some good puzzles, good work in the jam! :) 


Thank you, cool vid :)


I was wandering around and suddenly, a female version of me appeared, i was like ''wow, so i can control she too?'', and then the puzzles started to make sense, just love it.

i'm not a big fan of puzzles, but i really liked the idea.


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.


I like the art and the teamwork and non-violent concept! Music's cool, too!

Puzzle platformers aren't my forte, tho. Is there a reset-button? I keep having to quit and start the game from the beginning whenever I get stuck.


HI, thank you so much for the feedback. we've added stage Restarting now. Just hold the R key for a second and you should be all good.


Thanks. It works.

No problem.