A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Mini-jam-45 by me and Nostalgiatree. Song is Lullaby for William by Dr. Rockit. hope you enjoy it.


  • arrow keys = move player
  • Z = call out
  • X = grab box
  • Hold R to restart stage


Tiny travelers.zip 3 MB


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Yep.  It is.

This looks to be another fantastic game from faxdoc.  I'm playing it.

Please make for mac (i know it's not easy, unity keeps discarding when i try to install exporting for windows).

we're working on it. Also this is made in  gamemaker. 


This has been lovely, with some good puzzles, good work in the jam! :) 


Thank you, cool vid :)


I was wandering around and suddenly, a female version of me appeared, i was like ''wow, so i can control she too?'', and then the puzzles started to make sense, just love it.

i'm not a big fan of puzzles, but i really liked the idea.


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.


I like the art and the teamwork and non-violent concept! Music's cool, too!

Puzzle platformers aren't my forte, tho. Is there a reset-button? I keep having to quit and start the game from the beginning whenever I get stuck.


HI, thank you so much for the feedback. we've added stage Restarting now. Just hold the R key for a second and you should be all good.


Thanks. It works.

No problem.