major update released.

Twwwr got a major update, changes include:

  • Lilly sidequest:

Talking to Lilly throughout the game now lets you do a small quest. A golden Passiflora Is hiding somewhere around the temple.

  • New Area: 

 There's now a door in layer 1 that lets you access a new area. however it's locked, so you'll need to get the key from someone.

  • New aim options: 

 If you're using the controller, you can now aim with the c-stick. If you're using keyboard, using the mouse Is also an option.

  • High contrast Enemies:

There was an issue with the game being hard to read. I wasn't able to come up with a good solution, but maybe this extra option helps a little.

  • Boss rush:

Refight bosses and their more difficult versions.

  • Arena:

Fight waves or enemies in a challenging arena.


twwwr 1.3.0 55 MB
Mar 06, 2021


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